Identification of Genetic Material

Cooperation with a specialised DNA identification centre

Ταυτοποίηση DNA

Εξιχνίαση υποθέσεων με ταυτοποίηση DNA

The private investigation office Pelekasis Nikos and Associates is the first office in Greece that has developed a cooperation with a specialized DNA identification center. The collection of genetic material can be used in private investigations. For example, in paternity identification, kinship identification, in cases of theft, forensic cases, murder, rape, beating, etc. DNA identification has in 99% of cases full legal standing and can be presented in a courtroom, constituting irrefutable evidence. Our office undertakes the collection of genetic material, as long as this way does not violate the criminal code.


Our state-of-the-art DNA laboratories can help solve many criminal acts by examining the biological material that can be found at the scene of a crime. Exploitable evidence may include bloodstains or even food that the perpetrator may have tasted and left saliva samples. Even the most fragile genetic materials (such as sweat and saliva), if not directly exposed to sun or moisture, can keep genetic material intact for up to two years.


The state-of-the-art laboratory determines whether the DNA is usable and in sufficient quantity. It is then analysed in three stages by precision machines, in which the DNA samples are checked, compared and possibly verified for similarity to the extent that the possibility of error is practically eliminated.

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