Disloyalty between companions

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25 August 2022
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25 August 2022
Disloyalty between companions

Disloyalty between companions. Causes and means:

Nowadays, infidelity has become an everyday occurrence due to the relaxation of moral barriers that prevents the infidelity factor. There are incidents from both the sexes whereas earlier it was by men mostly. This is because the legal framework can give scope for infidelity on both sides. Many couples are resorting to private detectives to ascertain whether they are victims of infidelity. Even technology is an additional factor because apps, social media, and anything that has to do with communication app is a good aid in communicating with the illicit relationship. Everyday life wears down a relationship. Often the search for another partner is done to make a temporary change while maintaining the security of the relationship.

Infidelity in men and women

The reasons that contribute to infidelity vary. But the main ones by common agreement are the following:

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Reasons for men’s infidelity

  • They want to try something different and the daily routine and routine is also identified with their partner. So as a solution for relaxation and recreation they choose to have a non-relationship lover.
  • The habits of some past company and the reunion that starts with a coffee or drink with friends often includes an introduction to acquaintances or girlfriends through this company and thus the non-relationship mistresses arise.
  • The standard of man is to be competitive at all levels and partners have strict criteria because of stereotypes. So the solution of second or even more partners is a release solution as a means of escape from the biopoly.

Reasons for women’s infidelity


  • Due to insecurity, she is looking for a second partner to fill the gaps of the first one according to the standards presented to her by television and all entertainment media such as cinema or social media.
  • They do not want to be largely committed to a permanent relationship and want to have the “freedom” they had in the past.

The first signs of infidelity are the following:


Mobile phone use at an increased frequency


This can be seen by watching the mobile phone all the time. If in a conversation the gaze is blank or does not participate. This should be done repeatedly. But if he knows how to ”hide” you send some messages one or two a day to see if he checks them (not only sees them but also replies). Many couples have even gone as far as monitoring cell phones or social media accounts or hiring private investigators to make sure there is no infidelity.

Changes in behaviour


Sudden changes in behaviour can be a sign that infidelity is happening and there are ways to make it noticeable. When you ask some simple questions e.g. how was your day? What did you do in the morning? and type questions about work and why there has been a change in a habit are likely to upset her and there will be some indication of suspicion. Another way is to unexpectedly barge into the home or meeting places agreed upon under the pretext of an unexpected change.

Disloyalty between companions
Παρακολούθηση τηλεφώνου

Reduced interest in the erotic part

This results in a gradual or abrupt decrease in sexual intercourse over a fairly long period of time or an increase either because of remorse or as a distraction to avoid raising suspicions.

Constant lies

It has been observed that when the brain tells a series of lies, it gets used to doing it automatically. So even for simple issues some inconsistent thoughts come out that are not consistent with the question or dialogue being asked. This is also done by ‘professional’ liars because in moments of relaxation some clues come out with strange off-topic words or non-existent things that are not easily picked up or hidden.

Unfaithfulness and Unexplained Expenses

Since the couple is living together, the expenses are generally known. If these increase, either through cards or cash, it is all the more reason to investigate if there is something mischievous. It is optimal to ascertain if the above indications are happening with frequency and over a long enough period of time. Then more frequent questions and constant changes to the daily schedule are made. If sufficient evidence is gathered no matter how much they hide at some point the deceitfulness of their actions will be revealed.

Detective and infidelity

Detectives have always had a large number of cases of infidelity. Sometimes the findings indicated that infidelity was indeed taking place, but other times the suspicions were wrong. This is because many of those who went to detectives suspecting that their other half was cheating on them did so because it happened to someone they knew. So before taking the step of a private investigation there should be some serious evidence and not just a suspicion. Detective Infidelity Among Companions. Pelekasis Nikos and Associates. Private Investigations Bureau.

“The above text may be indicative of practices and methods used in the past. Some tactics and methods may now be applicable under the new law 5005/22 concerning the procedure for the removal of privacy of communications, cybersecurity and protection of personal data of citizens.”

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