Calculation of cost of services


In the field of private surveys, one may notice that there are no predetermined prices for services. This is because the cost of detective services for a private investigation is determined by a multitude of factors. For example:


  • The subject of the research in question. That is, whether it is a stakeout or a murder investigation.
  • The part of the survey (personal or corporate).
  • The riskiness of the investigation. We are very careful, however, in some investigations there is a possibility that a member of the investigation team may be put at risk.
  • The time needed to complete it. Long-term surveys have higher costs than short-term surveys.
  • The human resources and equipment to be used. Some investigations may require more staff than usual.


Because of this, it is impossible to provide an invoice for our services. However, the aim of our private research agency is to provide comprehensive and efficient services to both individuals and professionals, always understanding the economic difficulties of the times. To cost a survey you can call us on our office phone number. This way a meeting can be arranged so that you can give us the details of the survey and therefore the final cost can be calculated. We do our best to ensure that everyone can afford it. It is important to stress that even if there is no cooperation with our office the personal information and anonymity of the clients is guaranteed.

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Why us?


Κόστος Υπηρεσιών Ντετέκτιβ
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Discretion, confidentiality and reliability are principles that govern our firm and are strictly adhered to by every detective who will take on your case. Our office in all its years of operation has handled many, many cases. Our long experience guarantees results in a wide range of detective services in both private cases and corporate, business and criminal investigations. We always manage to get the desired results. Information on what a detective does can be found here.

Nikos Pelekasis Private Investigations remains constantly updated on technological developments. Having a highly advanced equipment and a network of associates that extends in Athens, Piraeus and the rest of Greece, it manages to carry out even the most demanding cases with a huge success rate. And in the shortest possible time. This is what makes our office stand out from the rest.

Sometimes it is quite tempting to opt for the lowest detective rates you can find. However, choosing a less experienced private investigator who promises you very low prices can take twice or even three times as long to complete your case. This will automatically drive up the cost of his services. Additionally, a less experienced investigator may not provide you with high quality results or useful results for a court case.


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