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We undertake court cases and private investigations in Athens and throughout Greece with absolute discretion and discretion. Our goal is to ensure the protection of the citizen The detectives of our private investigation office are distinguished for their experience, efficiency and consistency and are at your disposal 24 hours a day. Our detectives are in constant contact with clients keeping them informed about the progress of the investigation and provide all evidence in a timely manner. Detective Athens Greece.

We undertake corporate matters with the aim of safeguarding the interests of each company that chooses us. From simple corporate investigations into the credibility of your staff and associates, to investigating wrongdoing against your business, our experienced and skilled detectives can bring the desired results to any case. The number of businesses we have worked with over the years is testament to our efficiency and success. Detective Athens Greece

In many cases, the aim of a private investigation is to identify persons. For this reason, our Athens and Piraeus offices cooperate with a geneticist for the identification of dna which we undertake to collect. In addition, detective services are useful in court cases and forensic investigations where scientific techniques of detecting biological material, dna analysis and interpretation of laboratory results are necessary for the collection of evidence. Detective Athens Greece

Social media has been a means of extortion, bullying, sexual harassment and recruitment of minors by paedophiles and kidnappers. The Pelekasis Detective agencies have successfully handled a plethora of cases for private investigations on social media. Being in close and continuous cooperation with the police, and having experienced technicians – programmers and skilled detectives, we are able to carry out every case we undertake with discretion and absolute confidentiality. Detective Athens Greece

High Reliability Certification

Our office in ATHENS Nikos Pelekasis
was certified for 2021 as a “high reliability company” with the O.T.I. method.

For more than 30 years, we have been providing quality services with an emphasis on satisfying the needs of our customers.
We will not settle for anything less than excellence. Our extensive network of associates combined with the years spent conducting private and corporate investigations have contributed to our ability to offer high quality detective services.

Recently, our company was certified as one of the most reliable private research companies in Greece.
This was determined by an independent third party through an audit of reviews from clients who expressed online their satisfaction with the detective services provided by our private investigation agencies and the results of their cases. Detective Athens Greece


Our more than 30 years of experience in the field of private and corporate research have made us one of the most recognized private research firms in Athens.

Our many years of activity in the field of private research has resulted in the acquisition of extremely important experience and offers us the recognition of our clients, the respect of our colleagues and the absolute trust of our partners.


Our primary and inviolable principle is absolute confidentiality, a principle that we do not negotiate under any circumstances. Detective Athens Greece

Our commitment to protecting the privacy of our clients is an absolute priority for our research agencies. We never share information that may compromise their security and/or anonymity.

The above is a rule that we strictly apply in order to satisfy all customer needs with discretion and confidentiality..


We have all the certifications required to practice as a private investigator and operate as a private investigation agency legally and recognized by the state.

We have recently received O.T.I. certification as a “high reliability company”, which demonstrates our excellent reputation, the smooth cooperation between clients and our private investigators and reflects the satisfaction of each client with the results of our surveys.


Detectives at Pelekassi Investigations are very consistent in their methods and the work they undertake. They always conduct thorough investigations, which ensures that cases are solved quickly.

This consistency is also due to the creation of a relationship of trust with clients, who understand that they can rely on the detectives of Nikos Pelekasis private investigation agencies to solve their cases. Detective Athens Greece


We belong to the private research agencies with the most competitive prices throughout Greece while offering the highest quality of service to our clients. At Pelekasis Research Agencies, our affordable prices demonstrate our commitment to the profession and dedication to our clients.

The efficiency of our private investigation agency detectives is unmatched. Our private investigators are able to conduct the most thorough investigations with immediate results. Detective Athens – Private Investigator Athens

A few words about us

Detective Agency Athens, confidentiality, reliability and discretion

Our private investigation offices in Athens and Piraeus have been operating successfully since 1980 until today.

Our well-trained staff, as well as our well-established partners in the field of research, remain constantly up to date on new technological developments through seminars in Greece and abroad. We thus manage to provide our customers with a high level of service.

Detective Athens – Private Investigator Athens

We are a Private Investigation Agency that respects its clients

Trust the experience and efficiency for which Pelekasis Private Investigation Agencies are distinguished. Each of our private investigators knows research like no one else.

Our detectives are in direct contact with clients, keep them constantly informed of the progress of the investigation, and provide all the evidence of interest in a timely manner.

Each investigation is conducted discreetly by our experienced staff with an emphasis on protecting your interests and privacy.

The sophisticated communication systems, state-of-the-art technological equipment available to our private investigators, certifications and experience guarantee success in every case.

The private investigation office cooperates with a lawyer and geneticist for the comprehensive handling of your cases.

Private Investigator Athens Pelekasis Nikos and Associates – Detective Athens Greece

Συχνές Ερωτήσεις

Because many cases are not the responsibility of the police. The Police even if they have the competence cannot deal with each case individually, they see them as a whole.
In business they ask for information about competitors, products, executives, staff, reliability of partners-transactions, information leakage, theft of goods, etc. While in private pre-marital investigations, extramarital investigations, child custody, theft, fraud, internet monitoring etc.

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You deserve an answer. You have the right to know the truth. Detective Athens – Greece Pelekasis Nikos

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    Detective Athens Greece : Correct use of terms according to the Law 3206/2003 GG 298/A

    According to Law 3206/2003 GG 298/A/23.12.2003 the use of the terms: police officer or detective or private detective or private policeman is prohibited.

    Instead of these, the following legal expressions should be used in the future: private investigation offices, private investigator, private investigators, investigation offices, etc. Detective Athens – Private investigator Athens – Private investigator Athens Pelekasis Nikos and Associates

    “The above text may be indicative of practices and methods used in the past. Some tactics and methods may now be applicable under the new law 5005/22 concerning the procedure for the removal of privacy of communications, cybersecurity and protection of personal data of citizens.” Detective Athens Greece