Scams with artificial intelligence

Τεχνητή νοημοσύνη και απάτες - Artificial intelligence and scams
Artificial intelligence and scams
14 December 2023
Ντετέκτιβ Αθήνα- Λευτέρης Πελεκάσης Scams with artificial intelligence

Scams with artificial intelligence.

Discussion on ERT1 state channel with Mr. Kottaridis, Ms. Kasimatis and Mr. Balaska.

Electronic scams have always existed, but with artificial intelligence they have become much more convincing, making it difficult to identify whether a video, a voice or an image is a creation of artificial intelligence or not.

Several people every day fall victim to AI fraud with the ultimate aim of extorting money or insulting the victim’s personality. We recently saw a video of Mr Askitis who fell victim to artificial intelligence. A video was made of his face in which he sold over-the-counter preparations and insulted pharmaceutical companies and persons.

The issues that arise with AI products are not only moral but also potentially legal, as anyone could find themselves involved in a legal dispute against them without actually having committed the offence themselves. Defamation, libel, misleading advertising, copyright are some of the “light” in quotes always “light” offences that one could find themselves facing without actually being at fault.

Artificial Intelligence Frauds are here to stay and will be very busy in the coming years in many ways

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