Drones in private investigations

υποθέσεων βιασμού - rape cases
How detectives can help clear up rape cases
14 November 2023
υποθέσεων βιασμού - rape cases
How detectives can help clear up rape cases
14 November 2023
Drone στις ιδιωτικές έρευνες Drones in private investigations

Drones in private investigations


The Detective Agency Pelekasis Nikos and Associates has a drone with high definition image and video for missing persons investigations and any kind of research – exploration of large and inaccessible areas. The drone with proper handling has the ability to pass even through the open window of a house or the open window of a car. The use of the drone in private investigations has found wide scope due to its ability to reach places that cannot be reached by the physical presence of a person, as it may or may not be possible to reach that point.

Drones have ushered in a new era for private investigators, extending their capabilities in surveillance surveys beyond conventional methods. In the field of aerial photography and cinematography, drones have long been used for creative purposes.

However, their adoption in the field of private investigations has revolutionized surveillance practices, freeing researchers from the confines of stifling vehicles armed with high-powered cameras. Drones and aerial surveillance often provoke a range of reactions usually associated with military applications and concerns about intrusive surveillance.

While the idea of using a personal drone for surveillance may be tempting, it is imperative to recognise the potential legal and ethical pitfalls. Privacy laws are particularly complex, and here, private researchers excel as experts in the field. They have the necessary licensing and knowledge to skillfully navigate the complex legal landscape of drone surveillance. This ensures strict adherence to the regulations and ethical standards of each country, preserving the integrity of the investigation process.

The role of drones in private investigations.

Private investigators harness the power of drones in private investigations for many purposes, enhancing their surveillance capabilities. Listed below are some widespread ways in which private investigators use drones to facilitate their investigations:

  • Aerial surveillance: Equipped with high-resolution cameras, drones enable private investigators to capture aerial footage and images of subjects’ activities or specific locations. This elevated perspective proves advantageous for tracking movements and providing comprehensive evidence.
  • Pre-tracking: Drones serve as valuable reconnaissance tools, scouting areas before ground surveillance is initiated. They help to identify potential obstacles, entry and exit points and optimal vantage points for evidence collection.
  • Evidence collection: drones in private investigations play an essential role in collecting visual evidence, including photographs and video. This evidence substantiates cases in court by recording activities, observing the behavior of subjects and capturing footage from key locations.
  • Supporting court cases: Aerial footage and images taken by drones play a key role in supporting court proceedings. They provide a clear and unbiased perspective, strengthening legal arguments and enhancing the presentation of evidence in court.
  • Insurance claims: Private investigators utilize drones for rapid assessment of property damage, accident scenes and insurance claims. This technology speeds up the claims process by providing insurers with comprehensive situational information.
  • Search and Rescue: Drones in private investigations contribute significantly to search and rescue missions by quickly covering extensive areas and helping to locate missing or endangered persons.
  • Surveillance of large areas: Drones excel at surveying vast areas, including remote properties and expansive landscapes, where traditional surveillance methods may prove less effective.
  • Road accident fact-finding: drones in private investigations provide comprehensive aerial views of accident scenes in accident investigations. This helps in reconstructing accidents and determining fault.
  • Environmental monitoring: Private investigators use drones to assess environmental conditions, such as documenting environmental violations or monitoring changes in natural landscapes, arson, etc.

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