I hired a detective

Disloyalty between companions
Disloyalty between companions
25 August 2022
Εντοπισμός αγνοουμένων με υπερσύστημα
Usury: Murders and suicides
26 August 2022

I hired a detective. What results should I expect?

When first working with a private investigation agency you should keep in mind that each case is handled differently from the other. But in any event, a serious private investigation agency is in constant communication and communication with its client, keeping them informed of the status of their case and information at the time of the investigation.

The result you will have in your hands should be able to resolve your particular problem with evidence. We define evidence as, for example,

  • Photographic material,
  • Audio data
  • Information from recovery of deleted data on mobile phones and computers
  • Expert report on malware on your electronic devices, etc.

The services provided by our office vary. For each individual case it may require

  • Physical surveillance
  • Installation of hidden gps in vehicles
  • Mobile phone tracking program
  • Data and information about individuals
  • Hidden audio recorders
  • Hidden cameras
  • Counter-surveillance systems
  • DNA test (genetic material identification), etc.

In any case, an appointment to discuss your case is ideal so that we can define the way, time and cost of the service you are interested in.


I hired a detective

I hired a detective

The basic principle of our office is confidentiality, discretion and discretion. We never disclose our cooperation to third parties and the information provided by us remains between the firm and our client.

The owner of the office Mr. Pelekasis Nikos served in the Greek Police, Security Services, Criminal Investigation Service and National Intelligence Service. The specialized staff of our office has been trained in Greece and abroad on issues related to private and professional investigations such as homicide analysis, investigative techniques for the detection of false confession and testimony, dangerous behavior via the internet, the causes and prevention of suicides, organized crime in Greece, analysis of homicide cases and forensic cases. A primary role in our training is the knowledge of computers and programming systems in areas such as ethical hacking etc.

I hired a detective

Feel free to visit us at our office locations.
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Private Investigation Bureau
39 Stadiou Street, Athens, Athens, 2103616406
8 Dragatsis, Piraeus, 2104131298

“The above text may be indicative of practices and methods used in the past. Some tactics and methods may now be applicable under the new law 5005/22 concerning the procedure for the removal of privacy of communications, cybersecurity and protection of personal data of citizens.”

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