DNA Maternity – Paternity Test

Youth offending
Youth offending
26 August 2022
Youth offending
Criminal tendency: innate or acquired?
26 August 2022
DNA Τεστ Μητρότητας - DNA Maternity - Paternity Test

DNA Maternity – Paternity Test

The DNA maternity and paternity test determines whether a woman is the biological mother of the child or a man is the father. The DNA test for maternity and paternity is used in several cases, such as the following:

  • In cases of adoption to determine the biological mother or father of the child.
  • To verify implantation of the correct embryo in an IVF procedure.
  • To determine the biological mother or father of a child who has been abducted or an abandoned child.
  • To confirm maternity or paternity in cases where there is a suspected change of a newborn in the maternity ward.

The genetic profile of the child is compared to that of the alleged mother or father. The mother or father respectively is required to provide genetic material for identification as well as the child. The results shall be delivered within 7 days from the day of delivery of the samples. The process of taking the sample is painless and quick. Laboratory analyses include the study of 24-44 autosomal genetic markers (STRs) to determine the degree of biological relatedness. 27 genetic markers on the Y chromosome can be studied to verify common paternal lineage.

The private investigation agency works with a certified genetics center and has the ability to provide a report for court use. Cases for judicial use include :

  • child identification
  • Paternity contest
  • Immigration/family reunification
  • Granting of residence permit
  • Inheritance claims or any other legal purpose.

The analysis and interpretation of the results is carried out by 2 expert experts of the laboratory , who sign the final expert report containing the laboratory results and analytical conclusions. Plekasis Nikos and Associates private investigations office is the first office in Greece that developed a cooperation with a specialized DNA (genetic material) identification center. DNA Collection can be used in private investigations and professional investigations for their clarification.

DNA is the ultimate research tool, with the exception of identical twins, no two people have the same genetic material. In this way, the DNA evidence collected can be linked to one target or rule out another. For example, during a sexual assault, evidence such as hair, cells or semen remains on the victim’s body and in other parts of the site.

DNA Maternity – Paternity Test

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