Locating missing persons with hyperspace

Crime and motives in the modern era
Crime and motives in the modern era
26 August 2022
Τεχνητή κλοπή ή καταστροφή αυτοκινήτων
Artificial theft or destruction of cars
26 August 2022
Εντοπισμός αγνοουμένων με υπερσύστημα

Locating missing persons with hyperspace

Locating missing persons with a high-tech system, suitable even for the elite team of CSI police officers called upon to solve the darkest crimes. This has been invented by system designer, researcher and inventor Konstantinos Stromatias.

The supersystem and its uses – its potential

The uses of the system

The retired colonel, who served until 2009 in the Research and Information Technology Corps of the Greek Army, managed to create an innovative, modern, high-tech system. The system could make Greece invulnerable to any threat. The “KYKLOTRON” system, which can detect explosives, weapons, chemical-nuclear, mines, drugs at sea and on land from long distances. It can even detect… missing persons. In fact, according to reliable information, the invention has already been used for a few days for the first time in our country. Angeliki Nikolouli is using it to locate a sports agent who has disappeared in Nea Makri. It is also used by a detective in Thessaloniki to locate a man whose traces have been lost.

The possibilities of the system

The supersystem has amazing potential. It is currently being used in Saudi Arabia, but also in Russia, to detect chemical and nuclear materials. The supersystem has been notified to the Greek authorities. Although it could have been a strong card for the Ministry of Defence, the Homicide and Disappearance Departments and of course the Anti-Terrorism Department completely ignored it. For example airports, subways, ports, public transport, government buildings, etc. This invention was certified as a method and implemented in a fully operational system after years of scientific experiments. It applies modern technologies, such as those of microelectronics and the magnetic resonance phenomenon, says Mr. Stromontias to “Espresso”. He holds sixteen patents, legally registered with the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization.

Locating missing persons, explosives and the importance of the system

Locating missing persons

Detecting explosives or missing persons using their DNA

“No other system is required to confirm the existence of the material structures detected and recorded. The explosive fill is not altered by the use of magnetic resonance devices. Also, no explosive devices are activated by the use of the system.” The developer adds: “We can detect from long distances, up to 20,000 metres, explosives, mines, weapons, metals and of course if we have the DNA of the missing person, we have the ability to reach the place where he is. It is possible to digitally record explosives from long distances without the terrorist in possession being aware of it. This has the consequence of realising ‘invisible’ surveillance and recording of terrorist groups’ movements.”

Enemy troop detection

The Greek authorities have been informed since 2007 with a relevant document sent by Mr. Stromatias to the General Staff. He is still waiting for a reply today. The foreign services I contacted immediately understood that “KYKLOTRON” is an excellent solution for target tracking from a moving vehicle, for VIP protection and related missions. It is also a unique solution for protection against explosives from a moving vehicle or convoy of vehicles. It is unique worldwide for military use. It detects tanks, all types of armed military personnel carriers and combat vehicles, artillery batteries, ammunition depots, surface ships, submarines and other vehicles – mobile and non-mobile – carrying ammunition from distances of kilometres,” he said: “Movements of enemy troops (and individual men) are detected from kilometres away, night and day, under all weather conditions. However, in Russia at the moment it is used to detect chemical and nuclear materials.”

Long detection distance helps prevent enemy operations

It can be used to provide early warning of the presence of explosives-munitions-drugs, human existence and other material structures. To date, there has not been a system capable of detecting explosives from long distances. Existing systems to date detect explosives at 90-100 metres. The minimum safety distance for a standard minimum amount of military grade explosives (1/2 pound of TNT) is 300 meters. This fact demonstrates the dangerousness of using standard commercially available explosives detection systems,” the inventor points out and continues: “Furthermore, we have not been able to date to prevent terrorists or saboteurs from approaching their targets without being detected. “CYCLOTRON” can therefore detect explosives and other targets at a long distance (several kilometres), locate them precisely on a digital map and record them in a digital database. It gives the operational capability and the necessary time for security forces to intervene and eliminate the threat in time, before it gets close to the target. It detects and locates targets at distances of 0 to 20 kilometres, depending on their mass. Official tests in a Gulf country have detected a military base at a distance of 115 km. It is an ideal solution for surveillance of homes, VIPs, convention centres, international shopping centres, refineries, fuel pipelines, airports, stations (trains, buses, ships, etc.). It finds excellent application in the control of containers, explosives, drugs hidden in any medium in any way and from a long distance.

Locating missing persons from a TV broadcast using the system

Angeliki Nikolouli, whose profession is locating missing persons, contacted Konstantinos Stromattia and together they are conducting investigations in the area of Porto Rafti to locate 48-year-old Kostas Koliavasilis, a sports agent in the football team Marko, in Markopoulo, who has been missing since March 31. Before he disappeared, he revealed to his sister and a friend that he was meeting a group of people, including an unidentified Dimitriou, in Porto Rafti in order to deliver bonds from the investments.

The well-known private detective Dimitris Pelekasis, with the help of a state-of-the-art gun, conducts investigations in Thessaloniki, for the identification of a man. “I can’t tell you much right now. The wife of the missing man has been claiming for years that the man has fled abroad. But his elderly mother claims he has been murdered. The investigations are well underway,” Mr. Pelekasis told Espresso.

Locating missing persons with hyperspace .An article by detective Nikos Pelekasis in espresso.

“The above text may be indicative of practices and methods used in the past. Some tactics and methods may now be applicable under the new law 5005/22 concerning the procedure for the removal of privacy of communications, cybersecurity and protection of personal data of citizens.”

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