Restore mobile data

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25 August 2022
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Restore mobile data

Restore mobile data.

Mobile phones are damaged in various situations. For example, your phone may fall to the ground when you try to take it out or put it in your pocket. Young children may break your smartphone accidentally. In this article we explain how a mobile data reset is performed.

Mobile data recovery cases

Restore mobile data

When the phone is destroyed, we usually pray that the data stored on the phone will survive. When your mobile is broken, you can take it to a repair shop. The technicians can change the damaged parts and fix the phone. If the phone is severely damaged and cannot be repaired, you can simply buy a new one. Sometimes data can be lost forever and nothing can be done to recover it.

Restoring mobile data from memory cards

Your mobile phone needs to be repaired by professionals. However, there are still some data recovery solutions that you can follow to restore mobile data. When your phone is damaged, you can first take out any SD card or SIM card. These storage media can store some data you want such as contacts on the SIM card, photos, videos, music and other documents on the SD card. You can insert the SD card into a computer’s card slot or use a card reader or adapter device that connects the computer to the mobile phone to see if the data is still there. Insert the SIM card into a working phone to see if there are still contacts. If the touch screen on the device is damaged, unresponsive or black with nothing showing, but has partial functionality and can be opened, there is an option to connect your mobile phone to the computer and back up all important data from the phone to the computer. You can also transfer the phone to the service center of the respective company or a repair shop. Water-damaged phones are more difficult data recovery cases.

General instructions for mobile data recovery

You can use an Android mobile data extraction tool to recover data from the damaged phone. This solution can help you recover contacts, text messages, call history, WhatsApp chat history, photos, videos, music and other documents from a damaged Android device. If you transfer the broken phone to a data recovery service, it can cost you from a few hundred euros up to more than 1000 euros and in some extreme cases it can be more. Sometimes, when you have very sensitive data stored on the damaged phone, it would not be appropriate to send the phone to a repair shop. Therefore, it might be a wise choice to try some data recovery software first. However, this solution works for some more popular Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets at the moment. If you use other phones such as LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, Lenovo, Nexus, you may need to wait for future updates or try other solutions.

Please note that it is not possible to recover data from a mobile device by resetting to factory settings. Whenever you reset your phone, it overwrites all data and data cannot be recovered.

Prevention with backups

Finally, regularly backing up your phone is the best practice. Data loss can happen to anyone and it happens suddenly. Daily backups, however, may not be practical for all users. For this reason, you can create weekly or even monthly backups. Also, back up your data from your phone to a computer before and after vacations and trips.

“The above text may be indicative of practices and methods used in the past. Some tactics and methods may now be applicable under the new law 5005/22 concerning the procedure for the removal of privacy of communications, cybersecurity and protection of personal data of citizens.”

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