Home burglary and prevention

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25 August 2022
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25 August 2022
Home burglary and prevention

Home burglary and prevention

In recent years, with the onset of the economic crisis, there has been a large increase in crime. Consequently, burglary, whether in homes or businesses has also increased to a significant degree.

Monitoring before burglary

Burglars always do their research before breaking into their target. They make sure they are always aware of who is inside throughout the day. They accomplish this by pretending to be street vendors or passers-by from a neighborhood. Once they decide which house to break into they start taking notes. Who comes in, who goes out, how much traffic there is in that neighborhood. Very often they also watch the neighbors to avoid being seen while they are trying to break into the house.

The role of social media

Criminals always find ways to be one step ahead of their victims. Many times social media helps them to commit the crime more easily. By creating fake profiles, they send friend requests to potential victims. From there they watch in silence. They see who uploads photos of expensive cars, motorcycles, jewelry and even photos from inside the house. This is the easiest way for them to get an idea of the place before they do the burglary.

Home burglary and prevention

How to prevent a burglary

By taking the right security measures we can make it difficult for burglars, and even prevent them. We need to give them the message that targeting us is a big risk.

Alarm installation

One of the most effective ways is the installation of an alarm. Although sometimes the cost is not small it is certainly a way to discourage burglars. In the event of a break-in, the alarm activates the siren and a call is made to our phone at the same time. In case the affordability is not available, a flashing light can be installed to give a realistic sense of alarm.

Private security company

There are companies that provide real estate security services. They are organised with signal centres and they inform us whenever suspicious activity is observed. In case there is no one in the house they call the police immediately to prevent burglary. These companies operate on a subscription basis and provide us with alarms, exterior cameras and people who constantly patrol the perimeter.

Be careful what we show

Many times when we buy a new TV or computer we leave the boxes next to our rubbish bin. This is enough to get us targeted. We must be careful not to leave the curtains open for long periods of time because someone may be watching what is going on in the house. Another thing that needs attention is not to leave tools outside as a ladder for example is a very good way for someone to get to our balcony.

Security doors and windows

One of the most common methods of preventing burglary is the purchase of security doors and windows. With their locking mechanisms, it is very difficult for a burglar to break into them without being noticed. By adding bars to the windows the only option given is to break the door. There we need to make sure that the awnings are up and the area is well lit at all times.

Taking action after a burglary

There are very few cases where the burglars are professionals or there was a mistake on our part. So if we are victims of a burglary the best thing to do is to notify the police immediately and do not touch anything at all. The police will be looking for fingerprints and any evidence for dna identification. Another step is to assign the case to a private investigation agency.

In general, burglaries happened and happen all the time. So it is up to us to protect our property by taking some measures and by being careful.

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“The above text may be indicative of practices and methods used in the past. Some tactics and methods may now be applicable under the new law 5005/22 concerning the procedure for the removal of privacy of communications, cybersecurity and protection of personal data of citizens.”

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